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Before we meet face to face, here is some more information about me.

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Tara Howard

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BSoc Sci (Hon) Psychology 

MA Organisational Psychology 

MA Educational Psychology (2020) 

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I'm Tara, a registered Occupational Psychologist.


The premise of Leap is: If you build a career based on your talents and passion, your definition of success will come true.


Success in any form is based on your own personal fulfilment, energy and happiness. When you observe the corporate world you will see people who are unhappy, disengaged and without any ambition or motivation to do their work well. This is not because they work for a bad employer, but because they have most likely made the wrong career choices. This is so disappointing because things do not have to be that way.


With self awareness you can make better choices and lead a rewarding career. Here at Leap, I work with students, graduates and professionals to do exactly this.  We spend time together tapping into what is your most appropriate career direction based on your unique interests and aspirations.


Once you have direction, the rest will fall into place with dedication and focus. My approach involves the discipline of psychology, as well as a collection of leading assessments to find your magic. The intended outcome is for you to seek career clarity and formulate a game-changing plan to bring your career hopes to life.


Having made personal career mistakes which were emotionally and financially costly, I understand what it is like to feel confused and upside down about what decision to make. I know how scary it is to make a degree change, or work in a new job. If you are starting out on your career, I am here to help you set off on the right path. If you are in a career transition, I am here to help your re-set.  The goal is for you to identify with a future that you are energetic and excited to be a part of. 

Nothing is beyond your reach